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Strategic Advice, Negotiation and Court Advocacy

Whether you are facing divorce, disputed child custody, job loss or a business dispute, my strategic advice, collaborative negotiation skills and skillful court advocacy can help you achieve your goals while minimizing cost and strife.

I recommend Attorney Dodd highly. Mr. Dodd coached and represented me effectively in negotiating a marital settlement agreement with my former spouse (who had no lawyer), and collaborated with her in filing a mutual consent divorce Complaint and Joint Request for Hearing. He kept me informed at every stage, even when I was traveling abroad. – WC, 2016

Amazing Attorney. Attorney Dodd is an outstanding lawyer – I could not have asked for a better attorney. When everything could have gone wrong for me, he helped me so that I got the best outcome I could for the time I had to prepare for the case. I would definitely hire him again in a heartbeat. I also have recommended him to a friend and she is very happy with him as well. – H. Zorce, 2016

Awesome professional. Attorney Dodd advised and represented me in collaborative divorce negotiations over several months. In addition to his expertise in divorce and child custody and support law, his advised me about small business accounting and parenting plans. He is an extremely proactive, diligent and responsive lawyer and always answered my calls promptly. He is dedicated to his client’s interests and an effective advocate. Few professionals have Rick’s passion for what they do. – Rosa, 2015

Attorney Dodd is loyal, personable and professional. Attorney Dodd has successfully tried three cases to reorganize my family, resolving child custody, child support, marital property claims and a final divorce. I appreciated his diligent preparation, encouragement, insightful coaching and articulate trial advocacy. In my child support case, he noticed and persuaded the judge to correct a calculation error by the child support enforcement agency (deducting my child’s Social Security Income from my support payments) that gained me additional $500/month. – Mermoz, 2015

I highly recommend Attorney Dodd. There are no words to express my gratitude to Mr. Dodd for his assistance w/ my case. He always keep me inform & is very responsive also helped me through very difficult times when I was frustrated w/ many issues on my case. He gave me advice & provided options as far as how things can go. Thank you for your assistance & efforts. – MP, 2015

Excellent, thorough legal support. Rick was very thorough and helpful throughout an extremely trying and complicated set of legal matters. I am grateful for his years of expertise and the way he helped me navigate these matters in a satisfactory way. – LER, 2017

Attorney Dodd quickly grasped the immigration issues that were essential to settling my divorce case expeditiously, rather than running up litigation costs. He coordinated with myself, family members and my immigration counsel to negotiate a strong settlement without alienating opposing counsel. I’m grateful for his diligent time, effort, and attention to the details, and for keeping us informed throughout the entire process. – J 2017