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Maryland People’s Law Library

Published by the State of Maryland, featuring informative articles about legal separation, limited and absolute divorce, mediation, custody and access to children, calculating and enforcing child support, appointment of children’s attorneys in divorce, grandparental visitation rights, disposition of non-marital and marital property in divorce, impact of divorce on immigration status and other topics.


Association of Family & Conciliation Courts (AFCC)

An international association of judges, lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals, social science researchers, and others dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.

Maryland Parenting Plan Instructions

Explanation of the elements and factors for parents to consider in completing and submitting a joint Parenting Plan in mediation or mutual-consent divorce, or the required Joint Statement Concerning Decision-making and Parenting Time in contested custody litigation.

Child-Focused Parenting Time Guide (Minnesota Judicial Branch (2019)

A recent, comprehensive reference designed to help parents create consistent, predictable, and flexible parenting time schedules that support children’s developmental needs for safe, stable, and nurturing relationships with both parents from infancy through adolescence.

Planning for Parenting Time (Arizona 2009)

Sample parenting plans for children of differing developmental stages and temperaments as a reference parents to use in reaching agreements or presenting proposals to the court.


Maryland Legal Overview of Child Support (Maryland People’s Law Library)

An explanation of Maryland’s statutory Guidelines for the amount and duration of child support based on parent’s respective incomes, overnight parenting time, and other circumstances, and enforcement mechanisms. Here’s a link to an online calculator.

District of Columbia Overview of Child Support (Divorcenet)

An explanation of D.C.’s statutory Guidelines for child support based on parents’ respective incomes and shares of overnight parenting time, including links to online calculator.

Maryland Alimony Overview (Maryland People’s Law Library)

Overview of purpose of temporary versus indefinite alimony, factors considered in awarding alimony, and Alimony Quiz for a provisional ranking of alimony factors in your case.


Overview Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (Maryland People’s Law Library)

Most tax-deferred retirement savings plans (401k, 403b, TSP, etc.) can only be divided at divorce pursuant to a Court Order.

FAQs about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Explaining requirements that require a court order to divide qualified retirement savings plans (401k, 403b) and pensions.


IRS Publication 504, Divorced and Separated Individuals

Explains post-divorce filing status options, child dependency exemption, and tax implications pertaining to alimony, division of 401k, IRA and retirement savings.

Social Security Retirement

Explains how you may be eligible to receive Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse’s earnings if you are unmarried, age 62 or older, and your spouse is eligible to receive retirement or disability benefits.